Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Joy, Loving Service, Unselfish Devotion, Courageous Loyalty, Undying Hope, Confiding Trust, Merciful Ministry, Unfailing Goodness, Forgiving Tolerance, Enlightened Honesty, Enduring Peace on Earth
  Do these words touch your heart?  Would you like to live in a world in which those words also touch the hearts of people around the globe? A world that is truly at peace? A world in which people emphasize Life Itself as the prime value? In which humanity truly experiences unity and oneness? If so, then you are at the right place! We are Humanity's Team and we're committed to that vision too! We're a fast-growing grassroots movement of some 10,000 people in more than 94 countries on six continents. A Civil Rights Movement for the Soul.Founded by "Conversations With God" author Neale Donald Walsch in 2003, Humanity's Team is a bridge-building organization that seeks to produce a climate in which humanity can create an emancipating New Spirituality. By doing so, it creates a different world — a world in which God's only emotion is total love for all humanity and Life Itself, and God's only agenda includes no objective other than to empower Life to produce more Life, more abundantly and more gloriously in each moment. Gone will be the requirements, judgments and punishments now attributed to God. Gone too will be the perennial cycle of conflict and violence on Earth, which we at Humanity's Team® think is based on a misbelief that God practices, and therefore approves of and encourages, such conduct.A New Spirituality, Not a New Religion. The New Spirituality that we at Humanity's Team seek to embody is not a new religion. Nor is it a rejection or abandonment of present spiritual beliefs. It's simply an expansion of all our present theologies; an updating of them; a refreshing of them, rendering all of our current sacred teachings even more relevant to our present day and time. In that expansion, in that updating, in that refreshing are extraordinary new possibilities. The New Spirituality empowers each of us to find our own unique way. It offers equality. It is diverse, appreciating the full spectrum of wisdom traditions. It honors that many paths lead to the mountaintop. It recognizes that the mountaintop leads to other mountaintops, and those lead to still other mountaintops. All of them awaken us to more and more truths about God, ourselves and each other. All of them give all of humanity opportunities to create a world in which we live in peace, harmony and happiness.The New Spirituality focuses more on a patient process of inner transformation than on a rote enactment of prescribed do's and don'ts. It declares that we are all free to express our natural impulse to seek and experience the divine without anyone making anyone else wrong for the way in which we do it. It encourages spiritual truths to be made real, in the flesh of daily life, and not just spoken about once a week from a pulpit.Does the New Spirituality Sound Good to You? If this New Spirituality sounds good to you — if it really resonates with you — then we encourage you to learn more about us. And we'd like to learn more about you! Look through our Web site. Join Humanity's Team. See how we're helping people around the world renew and restore their connection with God and with each other. Discover that there's a Humanity's Team® community right near you! And think about whether our vision matches your vision. If it does, then we encourage you to register on this Web site and see how you can play a role in this extraordinary movement. Truth. Joy. Love. Do these words touch your heart? They touch ours. And with Humanity's Team, those words are also interchangeable. We believe that one leads to the other, and it doesn't matter in which order they appear. They all lead to God. Indeed, we believe, they all are God. God bless you!

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