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February 2011

“If you would share our Creator's joy, you must share his love. And to share his love means that you have shared his service. Such an experience of love does not create a new world, but it does make the old world new.”

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Site Proposal Form


  • The physical address of the proposed site

David Campus is located in Nova Scotia Canada in the County of Pictou. The main house is located at 600 Back Road, Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada. The community is Brookland and the larger community is Salt Springs off Exit 19 on the TransCanada Highway 104 to Cape Breton. The phone number is (902) 925-2788. The Mailing address is RR3 Scotsburn, NS, Canada, B0K 1R0.

  • Topographical description of the property

The property is located in a valley just below the south eastern side of Dalhousie Mountain, and has a low elevation of 1000 feet and a high of over 1500 feet above sea level on the north end of the property. The entire property is surrounded by foot hills on the north –west-south and especially the east towards the higher ranges of the mountains. In the photos provided, there are windmills located across the peaks of the Dalhousie Mountain range.

There are 65 acres of cleared and farmed lands most of which presently grows feed crops, barley and oats, and hay which is all managed by a local beef farmer. The land to the south of the mountain brook dividing the property is presently pasture lands and is being used every summer for this purpose. There are a few photos in the slide presentation of the property of this area but it can be seen in the photos as the land from the brook going south and is elevated upwards with its slope facing north. Windmills in the photos are in a north westerly direction and can be used as a land mark. From the brook northward to the top end of the property where the second brook borders the land, there is a gentle slope upwards giving ideal southern exposure to the summer sun and creating an ideal micro-climate for growing. These fields have just been recently restored for optimum production and are presently growing hay for livestock feed. There is still another 2-year option for the farmer to produce his hay on these fields as 3 years ago he has spent thousands of dollars and many hours re-working the land, producing barley the first year, oats the second year and hay this year. He was promised at least 5 years use of the fields to the north of the farmhouse in return for the upkeep on these fields.

I have outlined the property on Google Earth and a view showing the layout of the wood lands, gravel pit, and fields. I have slides, videos and a Google Earth map of the property on the Site Photos tab and Google Map tab of the website 

The direct URL for the slide Presentation is:

The direct URL for the Google Earth map is:,-62.928228&spn=0.0195,0.027637&t=h&z=15&msid=106799120387565398320.000479507a2cda269e4ee  The property is outlined in blue from this space-view of the property.  

In summary, the property is around 2 kilometres long running almost due North and South. It is nestled in the foothills of the Dalhousie Mountain range. The range to the South is Mount Thom. It has not been surveyed since the original land grants to England’s farmers and is estimated at 150 acres on the Pictou County Atlas. 123 Acres to the North of the brook to the upper border line brook, and 27 Acres to the South of the brook dividing the property. Videos and slides of the water clarity and volume are at the website.  follow the Site Photos menu selection on the left of the opening page.


  • Distance to surrounding urban areas, education centres and airports


The closest urban area where all the necessities of life can be purchased is New Glasgow Nova Scotia. Links 1  | 2 |. It is 6 kilometres to the main highway Exit 19 on the  aforementioned highway. From that exit, it is 11 kilometres north to the first of three exits into New Glasgow and the four other surrounding townships . New Glasgow – Stellarton – Trenton – Westville – and the town of Pictou is a short 15-minute drive. The others have streets connected directly with one another. Monica and I do most of our shopping there as they have two major shopping malls.

From Exit 19 on Highway 104 (same as US interstates) going South (30 minutes) is the town of Truro. Both urban areas have shopping malls and suppliers as well as collages.

Truro has the Canada-wide known Agricultural College of Nova Scotia, as well as one of the several Nova Scotia Community Colleges.  Stellarton linked to New Glasgow also has one – each one specializes in the courses which they offer.  Going north towards Cape Breton in the town of Antigonish is the Saint Francis Xavier University. This university is a 50-minute drive from the property and has been voted number one throughout the country within the last five years for its programs, services, campus facilities and instructional ratio – home to about 2500 students for eight months of the year.

The local areas within a 20/30-minute drive have elementary schools and high schools. Salt Springs (10 minutes) and Scotsburn (20 minutes) have elementary schools. Alma (20 minutes) has a High School as well as three others in the townships – two of which had been built within the last 8 years.  Fire services are 20 minutes from the property. There is a hospital in New Glasgow  as well as in Truro with local community services at the Harris-Sutherland Memorial Hospital in Pictou. 20 min from the property.

Nova Scotia has several universities and colleges – a high number of post-secondary institutions given our population of less than one million!




Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia is 1 hour 30 minutes drive from the property.

The Halifax International Airport is just over a one-hour drive.


  • Description of the access roads that lead to the property


The main highways in Nova Scotia 102 and 104 are similar to the US Interstate Highways with 2 lanes separated with green areas and controlled access interchange ramps.

There is 6 kilometres of dirt roads from Exit 19 to the property, and these are well maintained and are visible in the slide presentations. There are also secondary paved roads around 4 kilometres from the property leading to various areas of the county.


  • Description of buildings or any existing infrastructure on the land


There are four buildings with the land being offered. Three are post and pressure-treated beam construction. Description is as follows.

Building “A” is a pressure-treated post and beam construction with modern roof trusses and covered with steel roofing materials. Dimensions of this building are:

Length 50’6’’

Width 38’ 6”

Height to Roof Truss 9’

This is a completely open space on the inside.

Siding is tongue & groove lumber. This building has three large sliding doors.

Building “B” is a pressure-treated post and beam construction with two side wings. Roof is rafters with steel roofing. This building is open on the bottom south-facing wall

Length 60’ 6”

Width 56’6”

Height of wings 10’ at outside wall sloping upwards to15’ towards center. Top centre peak is approximately 30’ high. Pressure Treated support beams run along the two wings the length of the building leaving a high center section open.

Building “C” is a pressure-treated post and beam construction with modern roof trusses and covered with steel roofing materials. Dimensions of this building are:

Length 48’4’’

Width 30’ 4”

Height to Roof Truss 10’

This is a completely open space on the inside. Wall on the north is steel on the east and west hemlock board and is open on the entire south side.

Building “D” is an enclosed storage shed – formally a small building for pottery crafts.

Length 35’

Width 20’

Height to Roof Truss 9’


  • Climate data regarding average temperatures year round


We have four seasons, Summer – Fall – Winter – Spring


Average Monthly Temperatures

Here is a table showing the Daily Average Temperatures from the Environment Canada Website - Canadian Climate Normal’s 1971 - 2000. These were taken from the weather station at Annapolis Royal.





































Remember these are average and will vary, warmer farther in the valley and cooler on the Bay of Fundy shore.

Average Rainfall Amounts





































Average Snowfall Amounts





































Websites with more information on Nova Scotia Climate:

Our property, having a southern slope and protected on the north west by Dalhousie Mountain, has a micro-climate.


Many local influences can modify a climate of an

area. For example, the southern slope of a hill can

sometimes receive enough sunshine to grow grapes,

whereas the adjacent level field would not be suitable.

The southern slope of hill has a climate that is

different than that of the surrounding area and is

referred to as a microclimate. Many factors can create

microclimates. Cities and towns introduce                                                         

changes in the environment which create

microclimates. Vegetation can cause minor changes

in climate; for example, the climate in a stand of trees

is different than that in the surrounding fields.


  • Water resources in the area

The property has two crystal clear mountain brooks running down from Dalhousie Mountain. Water flow is good year round, but particularly heavy in the late fall and early spring, often flooding over its banks and on to a small portion of the lower field. Containment work has been done by the Pictou County River Association to correct the problem this year.

The property 30 years ago had one of the largest sheep farms this side of Montreal. Water resources are optimum for both crops and livestock. There are videos posted at  on the [Site Photos] tab showing the volume and clarity of the water flowing through the property. These were taken at the brook’s lower water flow period early and late summer. The lower brook between the two land slopes, one facing north with 27 acres and the larger slope facing south 123 acres . At the top of the southern slope is the second brook which borders the northern end of the property.

When the windmills were being built on the crest of Dalhousie Mountain last year the workers discovered a freezing spring flowing up through the rocks on the crest of the mountain. When the department of the environment was called in to investigate they suspected that a subterranean glacier below the mountain was supplying water just below the freezing point to the spring.


  • Acreage, including the amount of land suitable for cultivating


The land is a part of the original land grants given to attract settlers and does not have survey pins. The Pictou County Atlas shows there are 23 acres of land with the slope facing north at the South end of the property bordered by the Brookland Road.

From the brook to the top of the property in the North on a south facing area of land there is recorded in the atlas 123 acres of land. Total acres should be around 150 aces but 3 have been sold, and the home lot of 7 acres will not be included.

There is 65 acres of cleared land. 27 acres is presently being used for pasture and 38 acres is in Hay production presently. The 38 acres has just been re-tilled and fertilized. The remainder is woodlands. Much of it has been planted in Norwegian Spruce 20 years ago as well there are stands of pine, hemlock, ash, maple, popular, birch and other varieties local to the area. The Google Map on will give an overhead view of the cleared and forested areas. As well, I have marked the brooks and the buildings on the property.


  • Asking price and potential for an option on the property

Contact Garden Project for Financial Information on Property.


  • Income-generating potential


The cleared and managed land could be put into farm use. The buildings above are suitable for storage of produce or could  also be used to house farm animals . They could also be converted to residences and or small conference center.

I would suggest putting the land into the production of grapes and establishing a wine- making facility on the land. This past year Nova Scotia grape growers experienced the largest crop ever in the province. Because the south face of the upper fields creates a microclimate, in my opinion our lands would provide an ideal vineyard environment.

See Articles:


Grape expectations: Winemaking in Nova Scotia

Wines of Nova Scotia

Jost Vineyards 1hr 15 min drive from property


  • Renewable energy resources on the property including solar, wind or water


The property is ideally situated for solar active projects with the majority of land having a south facing incline. The three best areas in Canada for solar active homes and industries are Halifax in Nova Scotia, Edmonton in Alberta and St. John’s in Newfoundland, due to  the proper amount of sun and cloud free days.

 It is also close to one of the wind farms of Nova Scotia visible in many of the photos of the property.

The land is constantly fed with two crystal clear brooks (truly a remarkable clarity) feeding from the uninhabited lands on the south slope of Dalhousie Mountain. The water flow is sufficient to support a community with the highest grade water. See photos and videos at

Water is also readily available by drilling modern day wells.

There is also a gravel pit on the property with high grade sand, and with a sifter every size from ¼ inch to 8” stone suitable for road construction, walkway gravel, septic tank fields, and concrete floor materials.


  • Zoning considerations


Presently there are no zoning restrictions on the property residential or commercial can proceed with the proper building permits.


  • Suitability as a potential site for a Urantia centre and/or conference retreat centre


This site is ideal for the development of a Urantia Centre and/or a Conference retreat centre, because of its peaceful setting in unblemished natural beauty and away from the madding crowd. Its location positions it conveniently for obtaining the necessities of life and enjoying the multicultural aspects of the nearby communities. We have been growing some of our food for the past 24 years, therefore, the option to become self-sustaining is available (see garden photos).  Hotels within close proximity are able to house overflow participants during their time at this centre. Many recreational activities and work opportunities present themselves in the aforementioned five townships- all within a

30- minute drive for the purpose of work, supplies, reversion and entertainment.

The close proximity of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro is also a real benefit for the intelligent planning for a Garden Society.

In fact, the land was purchased in 1986 for just such a purpose. It is particularly ideal for the method employed by our Creator Son while on Urantia for his many seasons spent off in nature to commune with the Father in Heaven. 


  • Please tell us why you feel the property would be a good site for the Garden


While it should be acknowledged that Urantia, being the personal nativity world of a Master Creator Son, who is also our Planetary Prince, will eventually reflect his ideals of life on a whirling world of space, there is much contrast between his ideals and the unfolding and fulfillment of his promise that the keys to the outward kingdom, the social and economic affairs be placed in the hands of his children –those who hear the Father’s voice.

Presently, there is a great planetary crisis coming upon the world because of rapid climate change and the growing world conflicts caused by the rapid advances of science and industry as well as the grave errors of Christianity.

  195:10.20 Christianity suffers under a great handicap because it has become identified in the minds of all the world as a part of the social system, the industrial life, and the moral standards of Western civilization; and thus has Christianity unwittingly seemed to sponsor a society which staggers under the guilt of tolerating science without idealism, politics without principles, wealth without work, pleasure without restraint, knowledge without character, power without conscience, and industry without morality.

  195:10.21 The hope of modern Christianity is that it should cease to sponsor the social systems and industrial policies of Western civilization while it humbly bows itself before the cross it so valiantly extols, there to learn anew from Jesus of Nazareth the greatest truths mortal man can ever hear -- the living gospel of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

Therefore should we seek out areas that will be spared much of the planetary crises now bearing down upon the peoples of Urantia in every nation. I have posted much on on these planetary events.

Locations for development are needed that allow sufficient isolation to begin the development of a new way of life on Urantia while close enough to allow us to partake of the advantages of modern-day living and make use of its systems and technology to be applied in a new and better way in the Garden Communities.

We should also consider the needs for our outreach projects ability to complete the mission of presenting the fifth epochal revelation of God to all the people of Urantia who will receive it..

We should in our search for locations consider the fact that our immediate planetary supervisors have requested a separation of those seeking spiritual insight from those lost in secular humanity, a world without God. And while the request of our immediate planetary supervisors has as yet gone unanswered we should in our search for locations to begin building an new and better world consider the motive and meaning of the request for isolation. 

110:4.6 For many thousands of years, so the records of Jerusem show, in each generation there have lived fewer and fewer beings who could function safely with self-acting Adjusters. This is an alarming picture, and the supervising personalities of Satania look with favor upon the proposals of some of your more immediate planetary supervisors who advocate the inauguration of measures designed to foster and conserve the higher spiritual types of the Urantia races.



I have prepared over 300 slides of the property and have posted them to the internet as the mail provider only allows outgoing mail a 5 meg allotment. They can be viewed and saved to disk from the Site Photos tab of  my website The direct URL for the slide presentation is:


  • Describe the surrounding communities


The property is located in an area of Pictou County called Brookland because of its many crystal clear brooks. It has many acres of farmland devoted to blueberry, strawberry and many other fruit growing areas. Other nearby villages are Scotsburn, Salt Springs, Alma,  and West River.

Salt Springs is a 6-minute drive from the property and has the  Salt Springs Provincial Park.  It has a local Post Office, General Store & Liquor Store, Hair Styling business, Woodworking and Cabinet Shop.

Scotsburn is a 20-minute drive from the property. Scotsburn is a farming community and the location of one of Nova Scotia’s  major dairy plants. Scotsburn Dairy.  It has its own Post Office, elementary school as well as a major hardware and farm supply store, that caters to the needs of the farming communities in the area. Livestock feeds and seeds can be purchased here. The grain processing plant is in Scotsburn as well. The village also has a fairly large and modern lumber mill and its own Fire Station.

West River, a 20-minute drive is a small farming community. It provides the area’s Fire Protection Services and has strawberry farms, crop and livestock farms as well as the West River Greenhouse business.

Alma is a 20-minute drive and this village has the local high school serving the western part of the county. It has its local corner store as well. Other businesses are farm supply equipment and septic and sewer systems installation and maintenance, used building supply outlet. There are two local fresh farm produce outlets open during the harvest season. 

The closest town is Pictou. It is on an inland bay and is the original landing point of the early settlements of Nova Scotia. A causeway crosses the bay and connects the town to a group of other towns. New Glasgow, Trenton, Westville, and Stellarton. This group of townships, with the exception of Pictou which is a 20-minute drive, all have streets transitioning into each other. There is much talk of amalgamation of this communities into a single city.

More information on Town of New Glasgow Click Here 22 min. from property

More Information on Town of Pictou Click Here 20. min from property

More Information on Town of Stellarton 25. min from property

More Information on Town of Trenton 25. min from property

More Information on Town of Westville 20. min from property

More Information on Town of Truro 35. min from property Hub of Nova Scotia


  • Realtor/owner contact information


Paul & Monica Kemp

R. R. #3 Scotsburn,  Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada B0K 1R0

Phone: (902) 925-2788



  • Your own contact information


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